After listening to our clients hopes and thoughts for this project, we constructed two hero product shots. These images are unique to The Stately House Brand and have been created by us in an attentive way, allowing them to stand out from their competitors.

Shot 1 (Right) // Product in packaging - This shot displays the product in its packaged state and shows off the design of the bandanna in a flat-lay style. It also cleverly reveals some other key design features, folded in a way that exposes a hint of the reverse side while having the luxury leather tag in the bottom right hand corner. Our team took the time to figure out the best way to fold the item to best show these important design points. 

blank sqaure (2500 pixels).png

For the Launch of The Stately Hound, a modern lifestyle brand for Dogs and Their owners, we were commissioned to create custom product shots for their new online store.


Shot 2 (Above and Below) // Displaying how the product looks when tied for its intended purpose. Our client had originally envisioned this shot at more of a standard straight angled like his competitors. However, we expressed positioning it at a slight angle

I loved working with Hague + Garner. I found the team to be highly knowledgeable, efficient and understanding!

- Jake Lawrence, Co-Founder


in order to emulate the angle in which the product would natural sit when worn by a dog. The client was happy with this suggestion, appreciating our attention to detail and the thought we put into each aspect of this project.

Throughout The Stately Hounds online store and social media platforms, they supplement our product photography with their customers images of the products in use. This helps further inform potential customers of the product in use and is a supplementary strategy we often recommend for clients.