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Textile Designer Sophie McNiven contacted Hague + Garner to revitalise and add to the current photography for her modern home lifestyle brand - Sophie Home. This page showcases a selection of the final images, accumulated from the different projects we have worked on with this brand.

The brand produces colourful designs on 100% cotton textile products, so consistency and colour matching was paramount throughout. We worked very closely with Sophie to establish a good rapport, ensuring that the finals matched her designs exactly.  

After we handed over the final images to Sophie, she compiled them into a sophisticated catalogue, the results of which were printed and distributed as a physical copy. We think this is a brilliant example of how product imagery can be further utilised beyond its primary use. 

I have just completed part 1 of a soft furnishing photography project with Hague and Garner and have been delighted with the results. Communication has also been excellent and I am looking forward to part 2 in June!
— Sophie McNiven, Director

During this shoot, we constructed and styled a series of setups. Each scene we created we were able to shoot multiple variations for the different design groups within the full range. This tactic allowed us to make full use of the days shoot and enabled Sophie Home to gain a wider range of images that span across her whole collection.

Hague + Garner have a fully portable studio system at our disposal, which works perfectly with projects like this one. Allowing us to travel and shoot at any given location. After the shoot colours were matched by us to seamlessly work with her eCommerce images.

blank sqaure (2500 pixels).png
blank sqaure (2500 pixels).png

Once the initial eCommerce projects were complete, we collaborated further with Sophie to create some exclusive lifestyle shots which advertised her full range. For us, the purpose of shoots like this is to create a simple narrative of the pieces, which presents your products to potential clients set within aspirational environments.