It has been a pleasure to work with ORA Pearls as their collections continue to expand. The timeless beauty of their pieces immediately enticed our creativity and we were excited to work with them to communicate that special appeal through our photography. 

On this occasion, we felt it would be beneficial to first meet up with pearl specialist and jewellery designer Bibi Southwell. This face-to-face consultation allowed us to discuss Bibi's vision for the images and gave her a chance to communicate her concepts.


The delicate tones and unique iridescent qualities of these pieces meant photographing them, understandably, came with its own set challenges. As a team, we always rise to the task and were able to construct a bespoke lighting setup that gave justice to each and every piece. 


One Important aspect for the designer was to allow the images to show off the natural differences between each of the baroque pearls. We made sure that during the retouching stages we were able to retain and emphasise all the subtle details and colour nuances.

On ORA Pearls eCommerce store they offer a lot of their designs in multiple pearl colourways and metal combinations; This meant that the styling of the pieces needed to be extremely consistent as customers can flick through these different options. 

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blank sqaure (2500 pixels).png
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We were happy to follow Bibi's Journey as she expanded into the male jewellery market. This new collection naturally required a slightly different tactic in terms of how we styled and photographed the pieces. We worked closely with Bibi to construct a bolder, more geometrical and sharp way of showcasing this collection. 


At the end of each project we always present our clients with a Contact Sheet. This presents a preview of all the final images together and gives our clients the chance to request any further adjustments at this stage, before the final images are sent over.