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Our team always work diligently to style products in the best way possible. As each item was made with world-class cashmere the items were carefully steamed and stored before shooting. We discussed this prior to the shoot day with our client and took the necessary steps to ensure that the luxuriously soft material was captured perfectly.

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We were also extremely pleased to see these eCommerce images being put to further use on social media via Harpers Bazaar HK. Demonstrating here how good product photography doesn’t just have to be restricted to product pages on a website and can be utilised in creative ways.

We loved Movers & Cashmere's
existing brand identity and wanted to produce images that would complement their modern aesthetics and marketing style. We presented our clients with a range of different shooting options to consider during the proposal stages, which keep their product shots on brand. 

Movers & Cashmere ultimately decided on a flat-lay look that cleanly showcases the important design features of their garments, while working well alongside the model photography on their product pages. 

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We understand that colours are always an important design choice, especially when it comes to fashion.  After the shoot, we personally match the unique tones of the product in real life with what has been captured on our calibrated system.