We achieved a refined invisible mannequin technique for the backpacks, lighting the shoulder straps separately to create the desired three-dimensional feel. On this occasion the images were provided in both JPEG and PNG formats.

For another project, we created 'pack shot' style images for Miu Miu's Autumn shoe collection. We shot each set of shoes consistently in 6 matching angles. Again, as each pair was unique our team took the time to style and light them in the best possible way.

The Social post from both of these mentioned projects generated a significant amount of consumer attention and interaction. We continue to enjoy working with this brand as they maintain their online social presence.

Fantastic! Thanks Tricia! It would be great to work with you guys again.
— Holly Hay, Photographic Editor Dazed Media

We were commissioned by Dazed Media to produce photographic content designed to be used for a series of social media campaigns for the brand Miu Miu. The images we have produced have been used flexibly to fulfil an array of visual needs. Our first brief consisted of producing high-quality imagery purposed to be used by the renowned artist Beth Hoeckel. The result was a series o colour matched artefact collages that were used in conjunction with Miu Miu's Autumn campaign.