For the launch of their new collections, JvdF required fresh photographic content for their lookbook and eCommerce store. Our client required 100+ products to be photographed, which we arranged to be delivered within a narrow time frame.

As their Signature Collection consists of solid gold and silver pieces, we ensured we took the time to create every lighting and shot set up to best capture each of the delicate and intricate reflective designs. Our stylists gently clean and style each piece.

After some awful experiences with other companies Joe in my office was extremely impressed with your work, as was I. We will be getting back in touch with you shortly with new projects.
— Andrew Blyszak, Blyszak Founder

Leather // Essentials




When JvdF expanded their essentials collection, we were excited to be involved in shooting their new range of leather products. Alongside this release we shot the essential collections new colourways and ensured that we colour matched them to the new styles.


Since our first commission with JvdF we have continued to build a strong working relationship as their brand has grown. To keep their store consistent, we captured their newest collection in the same style we shot for them previously.

When working with sets of identical products, we take the time to overlay each colour variant of the same design to ensure consistency. This way the placement and angle of the design stays exactly the same, with only the colour varying.