We have collaborated with the Blyszak team on several projects and have built a long term working relationship. We were commissioned to photograph their new collection of eyewear for their online store and lookbook.

Collection IV + V



A // Front

B // Side 45°

C // Unique

Wow these are looking excellent! Thank you Oliver! I am thrilled, as ever.
— Andrew Blyszak, Founder of Blyszak Eyewear

Collection II + III

For Collection II, we were asked to replicate the lighting and angles from their original collection to create a set of packshots for each design. A forth angle was also required for each different pair, tailored individually to highlight its key design elements.

I have reviewed the eyewear shots and they are nothing short of spectacular. I am glad we could make this work and much appreciate you going above and beyond on this occasion.
— Joseph Porpiglia, Blyszak Studio Director

On this occasion our client required a much quicker turnaround time, so we extended our hours to all for the needed deadline. Our project manager worked closely with Blyszak to ensure the work was completed exactly the way they had envisioned it.

Collection II, Angle A

Collection III, Angle B

Our files are always provided at the highest-res, allowing our clients the freedom to crop in without compromising on image quality. The photographs we supplied were also posted onto Blyszak's social media accounts to promote their brand identity.

Collection II, Angle B